Vastu-Friendly Homes For Your Children’s Bedroom

Date : August 29, 2018

Category : Affordable Luxury Living

vastu-friendly homes-for-your-children's bedroom

Vastu Shastra is an age-old concept in India and is practised by a lot of Indians. Many Indians look at ‘vastu’ of a house before choosing their dream home. The concept of the ancient belief is based on the science of five elements, and of how you can align a structure in the appropriate direction to harness positive vibes. It’s that time of the year when children are preparing for exams. At this point, it’s important to ensure that your child is in a vastu-friendly space. This will ensure your child harnesses positive energy from different sources that helps in retaining knowledge acquired. If you haven’t already made your child’s bedroom vastu-appropriate, don’t worry, we’ve listed out a few points which will ensure that you move in the right direction.

1. Your child’s bedroom can face any direction – West, South, North, East. According to Vastu, your child’s bedroom shouldn’t face the Southwest direction.

2. Your child’s bed should face the Southwest direction. Ensure that your child’s head faces the East while sleeping. Sun rises from the East, which is considered to be an auspicious side because of the healing capacity of morning rays. This impacts the brain while carrying a positive effect. Concentration improves, allowing your child to absorb and retain everything they learn at a faster rate.

3. The room should be free of sharp objects. According to Vastu, this brings in negative energy.

4. Never place a mirror or television opposite the bed. If there is a television in the room and it is not according to Vastu, then consider removing it as it can pose a distraction to your child’s studies. If your child insists on placing a television in their room, then it should be placed in the North direction of the room. If there’s a computer in the room, then it should be placed in the East or the Southeast corner of the room.

5. Your child’s bedroom will most definitely have a study table. Is it facing the East? It should, because East is the side that harnesses the maximum amount of positive energy.

6. Lastly, the door of your child’s bedroom should not be directly opposite to the bed.

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