Intelligent Homes For New-Age Buyers

Date : July 23, 2018

Category : Affordable Luxury Living

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Traceback a decade ago and controlling your home’s interiors and exteriors were considered as a futuristic innovation. The year 2017 marked the beginning of smart homes. The smart technology controls lights, security, and other needs to suit your livelihood. Zion Market Research predicts that the technology is here to stay with an expected growth of $53.45B by 2022.

At a time when devices like Google Home, Alexa, and Amazon Echo are becoming increasingly common and artificial intelligence gaining importance with the passing of every year, smart home technology is gradually being adopted by many builders in India. The year 2018 holds more significance while displaying a bright future for the new-age home buyers.

As nearly half the Americans have adopted the smart home technology, it’s time for the rest to follow the footsteps. India is rapidly catching up with the innovation and many people are adopting the smart technology to their homes. According to India Smart Home Market Outlook, 2022, the Indian smart home market has grown significantly from 2014 to present. Here are a few significant ways in which smart systems can empower your lifestyle for the future.

Smart Lighting Systems

Dynamic lighting systems are not restrained to mere luxury homes. You can purchase light bulbs and related accessories that will assist you to operate switches through your phone. Many of these lights are LED, which gives you an opportunity to choose among multiple colours or use an app to routinely se the mood for an activity such as looking a movie.

Smart Appliance Technology

Home equipment consisting of washers, dryers, cooking levels and refrigerators can now be operated smartly with just an app from your smartphone. These appliances are linked to the app and will let you set washing and drying cycles from anywhere and you do not have to wait to get home to run errands. For instance, if the ice in your fridge melts and you are not at home, you receive a notification while attaining the advantage to control the temperature on-the-go.

Smart Lifestyle

Ever wondered about turning on the air conditioning before you enter home? Smart home technology provides you with the exact advantage. The technology also allows you to buy plug-ins rather than the entire device which enables you to save costs during upgrades. This technology allows you to control any powered circuits in your house while allowing you to operate with convenience.

Safety and Security

Home is a place where you must feel safe and secure. The millennials are open and responsive to new ideas & innovation while adapting to secure technologies within a short span of inception. CCTV cameras, smart gate locks, secure door locks, and others form a huge part of the security circuit. The use of these structures and apps in your home will provide the advantage of watching live video of any guest knocking on your home. What’s better, putting in positive security systems in your home that results in convenience and protection with financial savings.

Smart home technology is a recent innovation which has already gained significant importance in the minds of the common. More people are slowly adopting to this technology and installing devices at their homes through which lighting, and other interiors are controlled. Ashiana Landcraft “The CenterCourt” hosts a range of luxury and advanced features like Pre-fitted Airconditioners and others. The property also offers tight home security monitored by CCTV cameras.Know More

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